Data Driven Growth


Grow faster with AI power

Smartsales scale up your best reps in a minute with AI, not in months with HR


AI-powered features of

Knowledge Management

Automatic CRM data input

Online extracting conversation context from unstructured speech of multiple interlocutors and saving to CRM


Automatic deal qualification

Estimating the probability of closing a deal based on the analysis of information received during the negotiation.


100% scoring of sales staff performance and personal training

Negotiation quality assessment, benchmarking and automatic online assistance to weakness improvement. It includes all meetings and calls without exception.


Capturing the client emotional evaluation

True/false and like/dislike rating

How works online:

  1. ML-entry of real data into CRM
  2. AI-powered Lead qualification
  3. Power mapping with Kowledge Graphs
  4. Customers emotions Scoring with NN
  5. Free up 64% of your time
  6. Get the real lead scoring
  7. Run the meetings like a Champion
  8. Take the real data hands free
  9. Sales coaching feedback
  10. Saving in CRM
  11. ML created meeting follow-up
  12. Knowledge Graphs for Power Map
  13. Winning-AI Commercial offer

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