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AI-power for sales reps to grow 30% faster

ML fill the CRM direct from your sales meetings.

Keep calm and just sell it

Grow 30% faster with AI-power



Free up 64% of your time

Don't waste your time filling the CRM: the AI engine of do it faster and better by recognizing the context of negotiations and pull it in the right fields in the CRM.


Run the meetings like a Champion will guide you as an explorer through all the questions you need to ask a lead to qualify as quickly as possible and generate an adaptive script to Close the Deal in the most effective way.


Get The real Lead scoring

No more doubts and self-deception: now you know exactly who is in front of you: SQL or not. Use BANT, MEDDICC or MEDDPICC. All the answers of the lead will be fixed by


Take the real data hands free

Free yourself from the routine and get Clean data for honest predictions and Real results. Now ML in takes care of your Big Sales Data. Do the sales you love.



google meet
microsoft teams
SugarCRM works like the team of your best sales reps:



ML-entry of real data into CRM

ML Extracting, labeling and filling the Lead/Deal properties in your SalesForce/HubSpot right on the Zoom/Meet:

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeline and
  • Summary

AI-powered Lead qualification

BANT, MEDDICC or MEDDPICC - AI scoring gives your the real picture, who is your target, right during Discovery. Just ask the questions.





Power mapping with Knowledge Graphs will determine the real relationship between people and show you who's really a friend and who's real Grey Cardinal.





Customers emotions Scoring with NN

Rating the true/false and like/dislike gives you superpower to make more Success Deals.






Trusted by best sales teams:


Start growing with today

With AI-tools to make every part of your process faster, making sales has never been easier.

with you can grow 30% faster