Double the quality of meetings

Grow 30% faster with AI power

SaaS solution for VP of Sales with a sales team of 20+ reps and deals $10k+

B2B sales conversion growth 🚀

  • 100% automation of quality control and sales staff training process
  • Reduced manual operations
  • Increased department productivity


AI-powered features of

Knowledge Management

Automatic CRM data entry

Online extracting conversation context from unstructured speech of multiple interlocutors and saving to CRM


Automatic deal qualification

Estimating the probability of closing a deal based on the analysis of information received during the negotiation.


100% scoring of sales staff performance and personal training

Negotiation quality assessment, benchmarking and automatic online assistance to weakness improvement. It includes all meetings and calls without exception.


Capturing the client emotional evaluation

True/false and like/dislike rating

How works online:

  1. is API-integrated with Google Meet, ZOOM, Blue Jeans, SalesForse, Hubspot, etc.
  2. It automatically transcribes the dialogue with the Lead and enters all received information into CRM.
  3. It performs AI deal qualification taking into account all information obtained from previous meetings online.
  4. It analyzes the emotional state of the client.
  5. It provides feedback to the salesperson regarding questions and clarifications to improve the quality of the meeting.
  6. It assesses the quality of the Deal.
  7. Immediately after the meeting it automatically creates a summary of the meeting, a follow-up and a Business Proposal.
  8. AI creates a Power Map.

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